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From: Noons <>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 03:36:02 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

On Dec 5, 8:00 am, Ben <> wrote:

> I just spent about 20 minutes trying to sift through the blog, ( it is
> hell trying to find anything on a blog unless you know the approximate
> timeline ) and did a google search for cdos ( which just gets me debt
> consolidation sites ). anyway I could get a link or unabreviated name?

Sorry for that, Ben. Took me a while
to come back here: been locked in courses the last two days.

You can read about someone else's
problems with it as well here:

post of March 14th (just in case I get the usual interjection insinuating "somehow I'm the only one with this problem"...)

The Metalink note mentioned there talks about it. The bug mentioned in someone else's post also explains what the problem is.

I personally opened two calls with Oracle nearly three years ago with precisely the same problem, first with 9i, then with 10g. Which were closed by Oracle Support as "known problem, fixed in 11g".

Boy, did this cause us a problem!...
Try to explain to google for example that 3.5 million of their clicks just didn't get accounted for because they got aggregated into another table. They don't like that sort of explanation...

3(three) years ago! And it was a "known" bug waaaaaay back then...
In fact, it's been "known" since the auto-sga started, in 9i early releases.

It is absolutely ludicrous it hasn't yet been fixed in ALL available releases. Not just 11g (*IF* it is fixed there...).

And then some folks have the gall to call me cynical when I point out that this is inadmissible in a product that:

1- is charged for, not freeware
2- that claims to be "enterprise class"
3- that claims to be "unbreakable"
4- that is pushed as multi-schema,

multi-aplication capable.

As a matter of additional info and to end in a positive note: read the whole of Christian's blog, it is well worth someone's time no matter how much they know about Oracle.

Kevin Closson mentioned it a while
ago and I thank God he did! Received on Wed Dec 05 2007 - 05:36:02 CST

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