Re: Installing MS-SQL and Oracle into a same server

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2007 12:56:36 -0800
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Preston wrote:
> DA Morgan wrote:

>> Preston wrote:
>>> Contrary to what Daniel says, your requirement is entirely feasible,
>>> *depending* on usage. I mainly deal with very small companies
>>> (typically fewer than 10 users)
>> That pretty much says it all doesn't it.
>> You might want to reconsider your point of disagreement since you have
>> no idea the size of the OP's organization.

> Err... neither do you - which was my point. Which is why I emphasised
> 'depending on usage'.
>> I know hot dog stands that employ more than 10 people.

> And? I know you struggle with people disagreeing with you, but are the
> childish put-downs really necessary? I was merely stating the fact that
> there are numerous small companies surviving quite happily with
> multi-function servers, so to claim that thinking about doing the same
> is crazy is obviously incorrect, without knowing anything about the
> usage.
> Besides, I said '10 users' [of our system], not '10 people'.

The intent was not a put down. But the reality of the size organization that is a typical Oracle customer is just a bit larger than 10 connected users.

At $40K list price per CPU for EE versus the cost per named user the math is reasonably simple. Try it for SE too if you wish.

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