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Re: Shutdown nodeapps does not bring down VIP and Listener nodeapps

From: Marc Bruinsma <>
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 18:26:31 +0200
Message-ID: <3jXBi.889$9V2.519@amstwist00>

FatP wrote:

> I am learning 10gR2 RAC on ubuntu and have gone through the
> installation of Clusterware successfully (no DB yet). But I am facing
> some issues:
> 1. Shutdown nodeapps does not bring down VIP
> When I use the following command to shutdown nodeapps
> srvctl shutdown nodeapps -n [nodename]
> all the Oracle processes are died. However, eth0:1, which is used by
> VIP is not brought down. Then srvctl refuses to start nodeapps because
> the IP address is occupied. As a result, I need to use root to bring
> down eth0 then assign the default route to the gateway again. Is this
> the expected behaviour?
> Actually, the result is the same if I shutdown CRS using /etc/rc.d/
> rc3.d/
> 2. Cannot start listener with nodeapps
> When I start nodeapps, it complained that LISTENER_[NODENAME] cannot
> be started. Am I missing something Is this a database listener (so
> that after I install & config db, the error will disappear) or
> nodeapps has another listener?
> Environment:
> Oracle 10g R2 x86
> Ubuntu 6.10 (I know this thing is not supported. But I am just
> learning... and other things look good anyway)
Which version are you using exactly? Are all the required packages on the nodes (Oracle is very picky about this).

When you installed clusterware, did the vipca script run succesfully? Almost every cluster install I did, I had to rerun it manually from the last node in order to create the vip's succesfully.

It is absolutely crucial that all the IP adresses and hostnames are configured correctly in /etc/hosts on all the nodes before you run the install, otherwise you won't get it to function properly.

Or did you by any chance configure a second IP on eth0 manually by creating an ifcfg-eth0:1? I've seen that happen once before.

What does srvctl config nodeapps -n <node> show you, and is it what you expect?

BTW: an better way to shut down CRS is by crsctl stop crs.

That's it for now, dinner is being served...:-0 Received on Fri Aug 31 2007 - 11:26:31 CDT

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