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Re: deleted undotbs01.dbf...

From: Cristian Cudizio <>
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 08:00:27 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Aug 2, 3:31 pm, Niall Litchfield <> wrote:
> On Aug 2, 11:47 am, Cristian Cudizio <>
> wrote:
> > > should it not then loss of an undo tablespace datafile will kill your
> > > database. not I think likely.
> > > Niall
> > Maybe that undo tablespace contains data needed for database integrity
> > (in fact Undo tablespace has to be backed up
> > as others tablespaces containing data), for example due to "delayed
> > block cleanout": it has happened to me; in this
> > case you can open your database but when you select from a table you
> > got ORA-00376 (I'm not sure about the error code).
> > So if you are in this case your last resort is opening SR on Metalink
> > as already suggested by others, but whitout a backup or
> > at least an export i can't immagine how can they solve your problem.
> > Bye
> > Cristian Cudizio
> >http://oracledb.wordpress.com
> Cristian,
> I overstated my case I'll admit, and of course I agree that the poster
> should be raising an SR (though I'd guess he has that message by now).
> It's simply not true however that if you have only lost part of a
> database that isn't backed up that the whole thing is always
> unrecoverable and I guess given the time at which I was posting (I'm
> in the UK) perhaps I should have just slept on it.
> cheers.
> Niall
> p.s since I see from your blog that you welcome comments on english
> language, in english we don't usually sign off with bye (the
> equivalent of ciao I guess?) - though I must admit I quite like
> it.

I only wanted to report a situation happened to me recently. For the sign off i've to admit that i've a lot to learn and unfortunately
i've not the opportunity to talk with other in English and so my English
is what it is. However i want to follow your advice

 Cristian Cudizio

better? ;) Received on Thu Aug 02 2007 - 10:00:27 CDT

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