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Re: deleted undotbs01.dbf...

From: joel garry <>
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 10:28:04 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Aug 2, 8:00 am, Cristian Cudizio <> wrote:
> On Aug 2, 3:31 pm, Niall Litchfield <>
> wrote:
> > On Aug 2, 11:47 am, Cristian Cudizio <>
> > wrote:
> > > > should it not then loss of an undo tablespace datafile will kill your
> > > > database. not I think likely.
> > > > Niall
> > > Maybe that undo tablespace contains data needed for database integrity
> > > (in fact Undo tablespace has to be backed up
> > > as others tablespaces containing data), for example due to "delayed
> > > block cleanout": it has happened to me; in this
> > > case you can open your database but when you select from a table you
> > > got ORA-00376 (I'm not sure about the error code).
> > > So if you are in this case your last resort is opening SR on Metalink
> > > as already suggested by others, but whitout a backup or
> > > at least an export i can't immagine how can they solve your problem.
> > > Bye
> > > Cristian Cudizio
> > >http://oracledb.wordpress.com
> > Cristian,
> > I overstated my case I'll admit, and of course I agree that the poster
> > should be raising an SR (though I'd guess he has that message by now).
> > It's simply not true however that if you have only lost part of a
> > database that isn't backed up that the whole thing is always
> > unrecoverable and I guess given the time at which I was posting (I'm
> > in the UK) perhaps I should have just slept on it.
> > cheers.
> > Niall
> > p.s since I see from your blog that you welcome comments on english
> > language, in english we don't usually sign off with bye (the
> > equivalent of ciao I guess?) - though I must admit I quite like
> > it.
> I only wanted to report a situation happened to me recently.
> For the sign off i've to admit that i've a lot to learn and
> unfortunately
> i've not the opportunity to talk with other in English and so my
> English
> is what it is. However i want to follow your advice
> cheers
> Cristian Cudizio
> http://oracledb.wordpress.com
> p.s.
> better?


Actually, I liked the bye, it reminded me of some old ftp program where one would say quit and it would respond bye, I kind of thought that was what you were referring to.

It never became an actual rule on usenet, just a suggestion, but signatures are commonly used to end messages. My .sigs are a parody, so are not a good example to follow, but the basic rule that some software actually follows is to have two dashes followed by a space. Lines after that are considered a signature, automatically added to mail and news postings on some systems, on most unix in a .signature file in the home directory. Google about for more information on .sig, is fairly complete, including a link to RFC 3676. Google groups software doesn't follow the signature convention, unfortunately, but it doesn't quote exactly right, either, so maybe some kind soul there will eventually make it right. About the time they release their pig-wing- trimming software.

Stefan Wetter:

There are manuals at, including quick start and basics:

There are also books available, and Daniel has posted his site links. Unless you are either on an extremely old unsupported version of Oracle or at a place that has very advanced admins doing backups with snapshot hardware, RMAN is really the only way to go. Even the superduper  GUI things generate RMAN commands.


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