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Re: exp and archive available.... recover table

From: Alexander Skwar <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 22:49:38 +0200
Message-ID: <>

ยท DA Morgan <>:

> Alexander Skwar wrote:

>> Preston <dontwantany_at_nowhere.invalid> wrote:
>>> Alexander Skwar wrote:
>>>> Preston <dontwantany_at_nowhere.invalid> wrote:
>>>> I now "played" a bit and am (again G) not so convinced that RMAN would
>>>> be my best solution. What advantage does RMAN offer over backing up
>>>> the "hot" database .dbf files in combination with the archived redo
>>>> log files?  I'm only interested in doing backup to disk. At least for
>>>> now.
>>> To do a hot backup, you need to put the tablespace in backup mode.
>> What would happen, if I would NOT do this?

> What would happen if instead of being a cowboy

Name calling again. SOO great.

> you read the manuals and
> did things the right way instead of fighting it each and every step?
> I'm amazed Sybrand is still trying to help you.

Is he? When? And where? All that comes from him is anger and arrogant remarks.

> You are one of the few
> people I've ever met who seems willing to do everything every possible
> way except the one recommended by best practices documents.

I am willing to accept that. As of right now, I'm still trying to find the advantage in using RMAN compared to putting the tablespaces in BACKUP mode and backing everthing up. I explained the problem I see with RMAN.

Now, I know that I can control Symantec/Veritas NetBackup from RMAN. It's not setup yet, but that can be changed. As soon as I changed that, I really DO see quite an advantage in RMAN, as RMAN would then be able to fetch the data from tape and use it right away. At least that's my understanding.

Once more: Why are you saying, that I'm not willing to accept the current best practice (ie. using RMAN, I suppose), when I'm trying hard to "convince" myself to use RMAN? I don't understand this.

Alexander Skwar

It's better to burn out than to fade away.
Received on Fri Jul 13 2007 - 15:49:38 CDT

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