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Re: exp and archive available.... recover table

From: Alexander Skwar <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 18:59:08 +0200
Message-ID: <>

ยท DA Morgan <>:

> Alexander Skwar wrote:

>> DA Morgan <> wrote:
>>> It seems to me that what you consider a database is an entity that is
>>> very small, has very few transactions, has very few users, uses no
>>> technology or technique more recent than version 7.3.4, and has
>>> management that considers availability of more than 10 hours a day a
>>> luxury.

>> Actually, about 18hrs is good enough right now.
> It is nice that you can use Oracle to store your mother's cookie
> recipes without an SLA: Others are not so fortunate.

Fine. As I said, it's a matter of size.

>>> And all for the sake of laziness or stubbornness: I can't tell which.
>>> There is a tool that is faster, easier, better in every respect, and
>>> more importantly SAFER, and you want to argue with me about it. Amazing.

>> Well, that tool, rman, doesn't even let me specify the names of the
>> file that it should create

> Wow. Not having control over file names: Tragic.

Exactly like you say.

> What is be more important ... a real backup or file names.

In this case - control over file names, as I certainly don't plan to take backups in /tmp. At least not for real. But maybe you can help me with the problem I pointed you to. Please see <>, subject of the post is "RMAN 9i: Resetting/Clearing name for controlfile backup".

And for right now, I do have a real backup. One that's based on EXP and also on a cold copy of all the database files (and actually the whole system, if you must know). That real backup is not based on RMAN though, but I would like to improve this situation. However, because of the problems I mentioned, I cannot use RMAN right now. Which is most certainly because I did something wrong - but please show me, what I did wrong or how I can recover from the situation.

>>> I would think a desire to perfect your skills
>>> and be a professional would have led you to make other choices.

>> I am currently educating myself in the use of RMAN. Up to now, we shut
>> down the database at night and made a cold copy of the datafiles. That
>> was good enough up to now.
>> You know, as I said, it's really a matter of size.
> No it is really a matter of priding oneself on a job well done.

Which is what I'm currently doing. You know, right now, the backup works "good enough". It can be improved, and that's why I'm trying to learn and use RMAN.

> So you're studying RMAN eh.

Yep. I guess you never have had to study basic things, haven't you?

> Perhaps my age is showing but I find your attitude and your callous > disregard for your employer outrageous.

What disregard?

Alexander Skwar

Personally, I don't often talk about social good because when I hear other
people talk about social good, that's when I reach for my revolver.
                                                        -- Eric Raymond
Received on Wed Jul 11 2007 - 11:59:08 CDT

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