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Re: Oracle 10G Grid Control

From: Fred Pierce <>
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 18:23:19 -0400
Message-ID: <>

On Fri, 06 Jul 2007 13:40:16 -0700, DA Morgan <> wrote:

>HansF wrote:
>> On Jul 6, 9:32 am, Fred Pierce <> wrote:
>>> On Thu, 05 Jul 2007 06:49:52 -0700, DA Morgan <>
>>> wrote:
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Does anyone know if Grid control is a bundled product with the
>>>>> enterprise edition of the database or a separate product purchasable?
>>>>> TIA
>>>> The Grid is separate and the Diagnostic Pack, Tuning Pack, etc.
>>>> separate licensing.
>>> Is it just me or is it getting even harder to find out info like that?
>>> Once upon a time, I recall, after much digging, being able to find a
>>> listing of what an Oracle product included and what was optional. Now,
>> You are right.
>> It is pretty difficult to go to, look up the
>> version of the database, and read the Licensing document.

And how would a customer know this? Why should they have to play "guess the url?" That's what links, tabs, and large type is for.

Why should a customer have to dig for basic information to determine if they're interested in a product?

>>> Even the online store is well hidden - teeny link in the lower right
>>> of the main page. Then once you get into the store, no link
>>> back to And still no listing of features - just charge 40k
>>> to your visa and guess what you bought (would anybody do that? why
>>> have an online store if they don't?).
>> Yup. Few people would actually type or search
>> for 'purchase' or 'store' in the search boxes on the Oracle pages.

Same thing. How is it in the interest of the vendor to make the customer hunt for their store.

>> I totally agree - once in the store, you have to release your mouse
>> and actually have to type '' to get back to the main
>> Oracle site. Or in the case of Firefox, type 'Oracle' in the URL box
>> and hit enter to force the system to do Web 2 resolution. Horrible
>> that they would make us do that. Horrible.

Yep - lots of extra motion and obstacles. Web design 101 - make your site navigable.

>> Feature listings in the store? Nope. You are right, they don't
>> duplicate the 55,000 pages of documentation.

What does that have do do with it? You can list the features and options of any Oracle product in a few pages.
>> I think you should offer your services to Oracle to help them design a
>> usable web interface.

OK - Oracle: add tabs or more conspicuous links to your store. Cut back on the hype and put the essential info - product listings and prices - where potential customers can find it. Add a "Home" tab or maintain the same nav aids as any decently designe web site.

>Lets get together a collection and send a sympathy card. <g>

I certainly hope neither of you are ever in sales. Your reaction seems to be:

Let the customer do all the work. Their time is of no consequence. Our product is so good they'll spend as much time as needed to figure it out.

You guys must love phone menus and self-checkouts in grocery stores. Must be nice to have nothing to do.

Come to think of it, I do have things to do. Just find it interesting how people do, or don't, do business.


Fred Pierce (DNRC)-
Received on Fri Jul 06 2007 - 17:23:19 CDT

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