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Re: Career questions: databases

From: Neil <>
Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2007 23:23:15 GMT
Message-ID: <DHWhi.36445$>

>>I'm really perplexed here. I never on heaven or earth could have ever
imagined a single word I used could have spawned all this...<<

Look, you're dealing with a bunch of techno-nerds here. Anything's possible. We can take the smallest point and turn it into a major discussion. It's kind of what we do (focus on little details and make sure they're accurate). If we didn't focus unduly on little details, well, most software wouldn't run.

>>"proficient". Who really cares, anyway, as long as (as Neil points
out) I (or anyone claiming to be proficient in any particular area) manages to get a job done? We're all developers here, some good, some bad; but in the end all that matters if we can deliver or not.. and how (i.e. timeliness, accuracy, quality, interface, stability..). I guess it's the "how" part here in the argument that's raising all the hullabaloo.<<

I think the point was that some felt that you were full of cow excrement for putting those things on your resume. So, the question is: at what point can one put things on one's resume? Does one have to be expert in a technology in order to put it on one's resume? Or does a proficiency in some areas of a technology warrant putting it on one's resume?

>>(okay, I'll buy it but I

don't have a credit card so even if I had the money it would still be unattainable)<<

Open a PayPal account. Then you can obtain it.

>> and let me enter a good library (you won't believe this:
there are hardly 3-4 titles on databases available in this country).<<

So much is on the web these days. And with Google Books, it's just growing by the minute.

>>Sorry for such a long post. Reminder: some questions included in

A word of advice: I hope you can code more succinctly than you write! (Just kidding.....)

Neil Received on Sun Jul 01 2007 - 18:23:15 CDT

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