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Re: any guess or real information on who is performing at openworld 2007 cust app?

From: joel garry <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 13:47:14 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Jun 29, 12:25 pm, hpuxrac <> wrote:
> On Jun 29, 2:41 pm, joel garry <> wrote:
> > On Jun 28, 4:26 pm, hpuxrac <> wrote:
> > > The last 2 years have been Counting Crows ( excellent or even
> > > better! ) and then last year Elton John ( just not my favorite choice
> > > no slight intended ).
> > > It's been an excellent year financially for oracle and I am guessing
> > > that the main performer(s) will be something quite spectacular.
> > > I wouldn't be surprised to see Paul McCartney I mean who else after
> > > Elton John and he does have a new album just out. Personally I would
> > > prefer the Rolling Stones or U2 or Arrowsmith.
> > > The information isn't out yet who will be performing.
> > > Any other good guesses, relevant information, or some confidential
> > > leaks from oracle employees?
> > A few days ago, Paul McCartney was seen driving himself, Ringo, and
> > George Harrison's widow to a record store promotion - in a red
> > Chrysler Pacifica provided by a local Chrysler dealer. He didn't make
> > the turn into the parking lot, so a fan went out on Santa Monica Blvd.
> > and stopped traffic, so he could back up and try again. That new
> > album... yaaaaawwwwn.
> > Need I even make a Windows 95 launch joke? It makes a dead man do
> > what?
> > The Cure's going to be touring again...
> The Cure would be just phenomenal. I have a couple of good stories
> about Cure concerts including the Wish Tour ...

One of those things I wish I had done. Did finally get to see them on their last tour, though. Some kind of weird music festival, there was a metal band with a rockin' lady cellist that was just amazing and I didn't even catch their name.

> Not saying I highly favor Paul McCartney as the headliner but just
> that I wouldn't be surprised. Not planning on buying or listening to
> his new album no offense intended.
> The best Rolling Stones concert I attended have Living Color open up
> for them. Both acts were on but I thought Living Color stole the show
> that night. I got nothing against the Stones.

Oh, man, Living Color is another band I wish I had seen. Live "Cult of Personality" with billionaire geek sound bites would be awesome, eh? I've seen the Stones, what was it, '82 farewell tour? Or was that the Who? Ah, the mind is alert, but the body forgets... what was it I was going to say?

Larry: Robert Smith:

Man, where's the morph software when you need it?

> Now Aerosmith that would be great but not real likely.
> I would guess they are still working on a commitment from more than
> one band currently and it will eventually become clear who they were
> able to get signed to a contract. Now negotiating the band's for Open
> World ... that would be a good oracle job eh

Well, at least the *idea* of having that kind of oracle job is great :-) I would imagine the details of dealing with all those lawyers and agents would be my death-by-ulcers.

I really appreciate whoever got Berlin and Tears For Fears though.

I was a fan of fusion music in the '70's, but that's way too obscure for this crowd, I'm sure. But I have to wonder if whoever came up with Oracle's Fusion knew about that?

Too bad Fripp went over to the dark side:


-- is bogus.
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