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Re: Do you use PL/SQL

From: hpuxrac <>
Date: 22 May 2007 15:20:04 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On May 20, 1:18 pm, DA Morgan <> wrote:
> Doug Davis wrote:
> > I will be teaching a PL/SQL class, and I wanted to get some opinions.
> > I read about PL/SQL, but wanted some practical advice from people who
> > have used it.
> > 1. Why use PL/SQL instead of just sending SQL queries from a program
> > written in a procedural language on the client side (Java, Visual
> > Basic, C++, anything.)
> > 2. What are some examples of "real-world" things that you have done
> > with PL/SQL (or have heard some one do with PL/SQL?)
> > thanks.
> > --
> >
> I authored and teach the Oracle program at the University of Washington
> and I must agree with Frank van Bortel when he questions your
> qualification to teach the class. And my apology if the following seems
> a bit cruel... it isn't intended to be such.
> Several years ago I brought in a PhD Java programmer who was one of the
> authors of the Hibernate framework to teach one quarter with me. Truly
> a Java genius. But my students knew more about databases than he did and
> while they learned a lot of Java they class evaluation form after the
> quarter was brutal.
> Let me give you a short self-test to consider before you teach it.
> 1. When is it appropriate to commit inside of a loop?
> 2. When is it appropriate in 9i or 10g to use a cursor loop?
> 3. When should production code be deployed with stand-alone functions
> and procedures?
> If your answer to all three isn't ... "essentially never" ... reconsider.
> If you don't understand database concepts and architecture you should
> reconsider teaching the class. If you don't understand the difference
> between thinking in sets and procedural code you should reconsider
> teaching the class. My interpretation of your two questions is that you
> are wholly unqualified.
> Again: sorry if this is a bit harsh.
> --
> Daniel A. Morgan
> University of Washington
> (replace x with u to respond)
> Puget Sound Oracle Users

Let's see ... this guy is asking a question politely and gets jumped all over.

Hmmm ... guess I can't remember anyone else putting out gems like "drop the dba role", "run produciton systems on 10.1 mac osx", "do your performance tuning based on statspack 1 hour snapshots" ...

You said that he was unqualified? Wow. Received on Tue May 22 2007 - 17:20:04 CDT

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