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Re: Restoring Oracle 9.0.1 database from original files (server was rebuilt)

From: <>
Date: 25 Mar 2007 21:07:30 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Mar 5, 6:23 pm, "" <> wrote:
> On Mar 5, 7:01 pm, wrote:
> > Here's my issue ... our database server was rebuilt but all the
> > original files were backed up before the server was rebuilt. The
> > server was shutdown correctly so I'm not worried about a bad shutdown
> > but I've never done this before. It's on a Windows2000 box. I've
> > reconfigured the server to the same way it was before, but I'm unsure
> > which files and I should exclude and/or include to get the box running
> > the way it was before.
> > Can anyone point me in the right direction to an article that outlines
> > how to do this? I'm more a developer than DBA, but I set up the
> > original box and it ran great.
> > Thanks,
> > Joe
> Define 'all the original files'. If these include your controlfiles
> you should be set, and if you've also backed up the redo logs you can
> eliminate restoring those; an 'alter database open resetlogs;' will
> recreate those for you.
> On Windows you don't have a nice, easy path to restoring your database
> as you'll need to create services for the listener and your instance,
> and possibly other Oracle services as well. The oradim utility will
> help with that chore, but you'll need to reference the documentation
> at understand how to go about such a task
> (it's been quite a while since I have done so, and it was on 8.1.6 and
> I'm certain some aspects of that task have changed since I last
> performed them).
> Possibly others here have done this same thing on Windows, and can
> provide more 'light' than I have in this post. I apologise for not
> offering more advice, I simply won't provide instructions when I
> cannot verify they are correct.
> David Fitzjarrell

Ok ... so I set up the new box exactly the way the old one was set-up, I even had the set-up wizard set-up an initial database so it would already create the services and everything needed. All I want to do is swap the datafiles, admin (init.ora) files and files in the /ora90/ database folder. So I logged in as sysdba, shutdown the pre-installed database (same sid as my old one) and replaced files mentioned above with original files where they should go. Then I proceeded to do the following ...

  1. startup nomount
  2. set dbid ... HERE'S WHERE I'M STUCK, WHERE CAN I FIND MY OLD DBID FROM MY OLD DATABASE? I have all my files but I obviously can't query just the files!

Then I'm going to simply ...

3) alter database mount;
4) restore database;
5) recover database noredo;
6) alter database open resetlogs;

Hopefully, that should do it. I tried doing this proceedure without doing the set dbid and I get stuck trying to do the last step since I'm really unable to do any recovery. Any suggestions? I don't care about losing some data, I just want to get the database up and running. All I have is the cold backup files from the old system.

Joe Received on Sun Mar 25 2007 - 23:07:30 CDT

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