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Re: Newbie trying to get his feet wet

From: Robert Klemme <>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 11:28:04 +0100
Message-ID: <>

On 22.03.2007 04:19, Bill Cable wrote:
> Hello
> I'm looking to change careers. I'm currently a helpdesk tech, and
> have run into a ceiling where I work. I don't really enjoy the tech
> life, so I've been researching other possibilities, and Oracle DBA is
> looking promising based on my skill set and interests.
> I thought a good first step would be to run through the "Core DBA
> Tasks" at the Oracle web site:
> Step 1, I downloaded "Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( for
> Microsoft Windows"
> (I'm running WinXP Pro SP1 off a spare PC. The specs meet Oracle's
> minimums, barely. I figure good enough for a test machine)
> Step 2, I installed, and everything looked exactly like the Flash
> animation.
> Step 3, "Monitor and manage database performance" <- this is where I'm
> stuck. (and being stuck so early on is very disconcerting).
> It says: "Open the Internet Explorer browser and look for the
> bookmark 'Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control'."
> I open IE... no bookmarks.
> Now, when I installed the program, at the end IE launched. And I
> bookmarked the "Oracle Enterprise Manager" at:
> http://MACHINENAME:1158/em/console/logon/logon;jsessionid=ac... then
> like 40 random alpha-numeric characters. But the OEM doesn't look
> anything like the Grid Control, so I can't do the Grid Control
> tutorial.
> I really want to go through all the Core DBA tutorials before signing
> up for a certification course. So I'm hoping I can get some help
> here. I found it impossible to sift through the million-plus Google
> matches that come up for each of my search phrases.
> I'm hoping either somebody will tell me "you installed the wrong
> version, dummy," or better yet "the Grid Control URL should be
> http://MACHINENAME:-blah blah blah." Or maybe "You need Service Pack
> 2." (We run SP1 because of legacy software, incidentally, but I could
> reghost this one then upgrade). Any help will be very much
> appreciated!

I think what Ana was trying to say is "try a little harder". Although Grid Control and EM do look a bit different there's enough similarity that you can successful complete the tutorial. For login go to http://MACHINENAME:1158/em

Kind regards

        robert Received on Thu Mar 22 2007 - 05:28:04 CDT

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