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Re: Oracle Query Performance, Indexes, and Optimization

From: Brian Peasland <>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 11:48:45 -0500
Message-ID: <46015576$0$16356$> wrote:
> I've got an issue that I'm sure the posters here can answer regarding
> Oracle databases. I know it is probably a silly issue, but I really
> need assistance.
> I'm a MS SQL Server guru, which is all we've got in-house. Works great
> for our small and mid-sized apps.
> For our accounting system, we've outsourced in an ASP model. The
> provider is using Oracle 9 for the back end. We're seeing a certain
> job (which consists of numerous SQL queries) which takes 45 minutes to
> run. IMO, it doesn't seem like it is the type of process that should
> take as long as it does.
> However, the ASP says they do not have any tools to diagnose which of
> the queries are poorly performing, and can't figure out if the
> application would be enhanced by additional indexes, etc. I find that
> very hard to believe. In SQL Server, there are numerous tools to
> perform those tasks, most of which are extremely simple to use (i.e.,
> Profiler, Idera's tools, Quest's tools, etc).
> Do these types of tools exist for Oracle? Do they come with base
> Oracle database administration tools? Query analysis, index analysis,
> poorly performing queries, table scans, etc.
> I need some information to be able to battle their DBA's, of which I'm
> doubting their sincerity as well as ability. I can't believe there
> aren't any tools out there that can help an Oracle DBA with their
> performance analysis.
> Thanks in advance for your help.

Normally, I don't offer this kind of advice, but it seems to me like it's time to dump that ASP and move on to someone else. Oracle does have such tools. And the ASP should be able to have the technical resources on hand to be able to solve this type of problem. After all, then main reason you outsourced this to the ASP was because your company did not have technical expertise in-house and did not desire to bring in this type of expertise to your staff.

As I said, Oracle has all of these tools available. And if one doesn't like using these tools that Oracle provides, many vendors (Quest, etc) will be willing to sell tools to do similar tasks.



Brian Peasland

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