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Re: oracle service always at starting mode

From: EscVector <>
Date: 20 Dec 2006 06:35:04 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Charles Hooper wrote:
> EscVector wrote:
> > Charles Hooper wrote:
> > > > skyloon wrote:
> > > > > hi,
> > > > > I've created database in oracle 8i, after created database, the service
> > > > > was started, after i restart the pc, the status for this service is
> > > > > always Starting, it cant start and stop. Is there any setting need to
> > > > > be done?
> > > I believe that 8i, including 8.1.7, on Windows will perform a shutdown
> > > abort by default if the service is shut down, as would be the case when
> > > the system is restarted. Oracle could be trying to recover from the
> > > shutdown abort. This behavior is detailed in one of the Oracle 8i
> > > manuals that is specific to the Windows platform. The fix involves
> > > changing a registry key.
> > >
> > > Paraphrased from the Oracle 8i Administrator's Guide for Windows NT:
> > > To enable automatic shutdown of the Oracle service when the server is
> > > shut down, set the ORA_SHUTDOWN and ORA_SID_SHUTDOWN registry entries.
> > > Set the ORA_SID_SHUTDOWN to 1 to handle the shutdown in immediate mode.
> > >
> > > PSKILL, part of the PSTOOLS utilities (recently acquired by Microsoft)
> > > can terminate a service or other task that refuses to respond to nice
> > > shutdown methods, but I would advise against using it on an Oracle
> > > service.
> > >
> > > Charles Hooper
> > > PC Support Specialist
> > > K&M Machine-Fabricating, Inc.
> >
> > In order to even connect to an unmounted instance, the associated
> > OracleService must be started. It is a separate process and container
> > for the required oracle process/threads to run. It can be started and
> > the database can be down. If the service is really hung, the database
> > can't be open. It is required to be started prior to connecting.
> >
> > Make sure the paths for all the dump files and alert logs exist. This
> > can cause a "Hang".
> >
> > I'm only recommending using PSKILL if the service can't be stopped via
> > any other means, as seems to be the case here. There is no reason to
> > use it otherwise.
> >
> > If it is hung, it has to be shutdown aborted anyway. There is nothing
> > special about the Oracle Service relative to any other service. It is
> > simply a container. PSKILL is the best kill tool out there. I would
> > not advice using anything else.
> >
> > What would you recommend doing in this case where the controls are
> > "greyed" out?
> >
> > Also, since this database is newly created, what is the risk?


> Oddly, prior to posting my initial response to this thread, I did not
> notice that others had already suggested using PSKILL. As such, I was
> recommending the use of PSKILL, but only as a last resort against an
> Oracle database related service. This echos what you stated above.

> Have I used PSKILL on Oracle related services? Having once been
> repeatedly greeted with "ORA-06553: PLS-213 Package STANDARD Not
> Accessible" on an Oracle database at a SQLPlus logon (the second
> session to connect to the database after bouncing the database), I
> would say that there is a possibility that PSKILL was used when fixing
> the problem. The web based OEM Database control, at least in
> on the Windows platform, has a tendency to magically change the
> plsql_compiler_flags to NATIVE when changing other parameters. If one
> were to then attempt to compile a trigger, package, or other code,
> there is a good chance that the compile will fail. If one were to
> re-run some of the scripts that were run when the database were first
> built (to correct an odd problem with DataPump), there is a chance that
> you too could experience the "ORA-06553: PLS-213 Package STANDARD Not
> Accessible" error.

> Back on subject, Oracle may be attempting to perform a recovery after a
> shutdown abort. I believe that this will make the Oracle service
> unresponsive, as the OP indicated, until the recovery is complete. The
> Oracle instance likely automatically started when the computer
> rebooted. A change to the registry may correct this problem by
> avoiding the shutdown abort. The Alert log may provide additional
> details.

> Charles Hooper
> PC Support Specialist
> K&M Machine-Fabricating, Inc.

If this is a double post, I got an error the first time I tried to post:

Had to use PSKILL on OEM service running on windows when jobs would hang to avoid clean start issues. This was All was well until after the Jan 06 security patch that change the tcl layer (guess) that caused jobs to hang. Could never stop and start the manager service w/o pskill. Never bothered to fix this one either. Went to grid. Received on Wed Dec 20 2006 - 08:35:04 CST

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