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Re: Introducing - Bust those sales pitches against Oracle

From: joel garry <>
Date: 11 Dec 2006 14:02:55 -0800
Message-ID: <>

TruthSeeker wrote:
> Apologies were sincere.
> I had to reach a wide sprectum of IT users and thats why I posted to

"... had to reach..." - would that be... ADVERTISING???

> this forum. However I understood there might have been a "charter" for

No "might have been" about it. You had a responsibility which you knew about and ignored.

> this forum (so I apologized) , but my intention was to post it once -

Yeah, so what happens when 200 million people just post once and apologize?

> to let people know and I did not see any wrong in that. It is not a

Open your eyes. This has been gone over again and again in this group.  You need but look.

> spam because has zero tolerance for ads etc so I am not
> making any money out of it (I am doing this out of my own pocket).

Doesn't matter if you are not making money. Do you think anyone makes money
by sending out "make money fast" posts?

The sad truth is you busted into our room and shouted out your ad. I'm so sorry, but that makes you look stupid.

> In todays world with zero time to market it is difficult for IT
> managers to figure out what is the right product to meet a particular
> solution. This is true in all sectors of IT and off course the cost
> associated is most when it comes to Critical Business Applications. I
> have seen first hand how costly a misinformed decision making can be to
> a business. You may say it is the consumer's responsibility at the end
> but the fact is that IT customers themselves are under pressure from
> their business needs.

Consumer and business responsibilities are different. If you don't understand that, perhaps you aren't qualified to educate others about it.

> Hence there ought to be platform where you can go and quickly figure
> out the "weak points" of a product that you are considering to
> purchase. Till now for IT there was no such platform. I have created
> "" and tried to keep it simple yet useful. I
> honestly believe that this site will help us all (including the vendors
> themselves) in making the right decision in this age of light speed
> changes in enterprise IT sphere.

You have a platform, you are welcome to it. These spam posts are not welcome here. Please delete your posts.

I for one welcome pointing out the weak points of all business database products. If you have something technical to say about products relevant to this group under the charter guidelines, post away.


-- is bogus.
"Tired Storage" yuk yuk
Received on Mon Dec 11 2006 - 16:02:55 CST

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