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Re: Introducing - Bust those sales pitches against Oracle

From: Michael Austin <>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 04:04:19 GMT
Message-ID: <7N4fh.10754$>

TruthSeeker wrote:

> Apologies were sincere.
> I had to reach a wide sprectum of IT users and thats why I posted to
> this forum. However I understood there might have been a "charter" for
> this forum (so I apologized) , but my intention was to post it once -
> to let people know and I did not see any wrong in that. It is not a
> spam because has zero tolerance for ads etc so I am not
> making any money out of it (I am doing this out of my own pocket).
> In todays world with zero time to market it is difficult for IT
> managers to figure out what is the right product to meet a particular
> solution. This is true in all sectors of IT and off course the cost
> associated is most when it comes to Critical Business Applications. I
> have seen first hand how costly a misinformed decision making can be to
> a business. You may say it is the consumer's responsibility at the end
> but the fact is that IT customers themselves are under pressure from
> their business needs.
> Hence there ought to be platform where you can go and quickly figure
> out the "weak points" of a product that you are considering to
> purchase. Till now for IT there was no such platform. I have created
> "" and tried to keep it simple yet useful. I
> honestly believe that this site will help us all (including the vendors
> themselves) in making the right decision in this age of light speed
> changes in enterprise IT sphere.
> Thanks
> Alex
> DA Morgan wrote:

>>TruthSeeker wrote:
>>>Apologize for posting on this forum but I did not find any other forum
>>>to address all my peers in the IT world.
>>Please don't apologize. Insincere apologies are worthless.
>>Read this group's charter. Then you can apologize.
>>Daniel A. Morgan
>>University of Washington
>>(replace x with u to respond)
>>Puget Sound Oracle Users Group


TOP POSTING like that is really quite rude...

The only problem with your thought process is that the decisions to buy product-a vs. product-b is usually made on the golf course with the CIO/CTO and the sales rep and not those of us who know what we should or shouldn't be buying.

Michael Austin.
Database Consultant
Received on Sun Dec 10 2006 - 22:04:19 CST

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