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Re: Help: How should I live with 'literal' application

From: hpuxrac <>
Date: 9 Dec 2006 11:53:24 -0800
Message-ID: <> wrote:
> Dear Group,
> I have a Oracle 9206 database.
> Our application is a third party software. For a recently new added
> module, it uses a lot of hard coded 'literal' value in their SQL
> statement. (It sucks, I know). This new module puts a lot of stress on
> our database, slow the database down on very large scale. Asking the
> vendor to change their code is not an option. My only choice is to
> live the best out of it.
> While I am doing some research, this cursor_sharing seems to be able to
> solve our problem. But I also noticed some poster was complaining that
> after setting cursor_sharing = similar, a lot of their execution plan
> changed, and a lot of weird things happened.
> What I have is a mission critical database, I do not have the luxury of
> setting "cursor_sharing = similar" and testing.
> I would like your comment on this situation and any suggestion on the
> instance tuning to accomdate this memory hungry application will be
> highly appreciated.

See Charles Hoopers reply and look at the Tom Kyte site reference.

cursor_sharing=force might be of benefit to you

It's tough having an environment with no test system available to check out possible configuration changes. Is that really how your organization operates?

If so I would recommend you continue your research and then if applicable schedule a couple sets of downtime. In the first downtime schedule a change to CURSOR_SHARING=FORCE or SIMILAR and then closely monitor your system. Fall back to the prior setting in the second downtime windows if necessary.

RAC as you noted might also be a very expensive possible solution. Received on Sat Dec 09 2006 - 13:53:24 CST

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