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Re: Question about CTX and a virus on our server

From: <>
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 20:32:02 +0100
Message-ID: <>

DA Morgan wrote:
> wrote:

>> a rather large statement. Certainly if my business were inhibited to 
>> only make billions of dollars profit per annum by running windows I'd 
>> be heartbroken. Of course SUN and Novell that don't run windows are 
>> doing so much better.

> I am sure you have a point but I am at a loss to know what it is.
> The OP had a problem with a virus ... not money. Of what possible
> relevance is your comment about billions of dollars in profits? Are
> you trying to say that if you make billions of dollars viruses
> infecting your business systems are irrelevant? I don't get it.

The OP had a problem with a non-starting database as it happened. There is insufficient information to tell whether this was as a direct result of the virus or not.

>> Now you might, admittedly, think this off topic. You are probably 
>> correct, but no more so than an off-hand dismissal of an organisations 
>> OS platform based on a single usenet message.

> Glad you agree because it is.
> The topic was not the off-hand dismissal of an operating system. It
> was a statement of fact about the ability of an organization to
> protect itself from viruses and other forms of attack. My response
> was directly targeted to the issue. Move to another operating system
> and the virus risk decreases dramatically.

The OP had a specific problem. Your recommendation was to throw away all the critical business servers that he ran - possibly the hardware and almost certainly the critical business software that ran on them as well. In response to a virus. Hell of a response don't you think?

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