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Re: Activate SQL logging

From: <>
Date: 14 Feb 2005 00:06:18 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Mark A wrote:
> > Apparently it is you with the 'serious reading comprehension
> > as I never stated I read ANY of Daniel Morgan's posts in the DB2
> > newsgroup; please selectively snip and post the text from any of my
> > posts in this thread where such an admission has been made.
> >
> >
> > David Fitzjarrell
> >
> I didn't say that you said, that you had read all (or any) of Daniel
> Morgan's posts. I just said that I don't think you have read them,
> you have a reading comprehension problem. Maybe you are closer to
> Townsend, Oracle Corp, or Daniel Morgan that you have revealed.

Your assessment could not be further from the truth.

> BTW, Daniel Morgan seems to get a lot flack by others on this
newsgroup by
> Oracle DBA's for his abusive behavior here, so it is not unreasonable
> he is abusive on the DB2 newsgroup also (especially since he hates

A point on which I shall not disagree, which is precisely why I did NOT include him in this discussion.

> You are a brave soul to post your email address. I used to do that
until the
> spam was overwhelming. I got a new email address and I am trying to
keep the
> spam out.

Certainly that is the reason you anonymously post to this newsgroup, the level of spam in your mailbox. Such a statement does not answer why you fail to 'sign' your work, valid email address or not. I state again such is the tactic of cowardice, a tactic for which you fail to provide an answer.

> I snip posts on a reply in the interest of clarity and brevity. Mark
> Townsend snips posts in mid paragraph in order to distort what the
> person said.

Clarity and brevity ... I must disagree with you on that point. You snipped and posted this from a post of mine:

> <snip>
> I hope you are amused, Mr. "Mark A", or whoever you
> *really* may be. We certainly are not.
> <snip>

The rest of the passage, not quoted by you, for 'brevity and clarity':

Of course, it is your right to
post in any newsgroup you wish, posting whatever you wish, to whomever asks any question whatsoever. And, it is my right to killfile your useless antics to prevent any further disruption of threads you, Mr. "Mark A", may choose to inflict.

Explain how your quote is clearer than my complete statement.

> Also, there were a couple of Oracle DBA's on this newsgroup who
thought the
> TPC discussion was on-topic and useful, and they said so. If you
don't think
> so, you should avoid reading the thread.

That thread was mentioned in response to your assertion your DB2 hewsgroup was being sabotaged by sensless posts and marketing hype. Your TPC-C post was, in essence, such marketing hype, and, as such, reeks of 'the pot caling the kettle black'. The thrust of this discussion was not the TPC-C post, but the tenor of the posts in THIS thread, starting with your shameless marketing of DB2 which provided absolutely no useful information to the original poster and continuing with your less-than-stellar excuses for attempting to disrupt this newsgroup with what appear to be personal and vindictive attacks based upon a skewed perception of the intent of two regular contributors to Try as you might to validate your logic such inane methods have no place outside of a kindergaten playroom.

Respond all you like to this; until you can answer for your inability or unwillingness to claim your 'work' as your own I shall not respond further.

David Fitzjarrell Received on Mon Feb 14 2005 - 02:06:18 CST

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