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Re: 10g - Configuration Issues to support multiple apps.

From: <>
Date: 24 Jan 2005 18:46:39 GMT
Message-ID: <20050124134639.209$>

"Lee Chalupa via" <> wrote:
> I'm a java developer that is learning to work with oracle 10g.
> I've installed 10g and I've read the installation guide and the DBA -two
> day guide.
> I'm trying to setup an instance of Oracle to use to prototype a couple of
> small applications.
> One application/database server will support the database needs of these
> applications each supporting a small number of users and small volumes.
> Each application will eventually have a production database and a test
> database. The applications may or may not share common data with each
> other.

Well, if they may or may not, that pretty much exhausts all the possibilities. :)

> I'd like to be able to track the tables and other database objects used
> by each application in case I have to move the applications in the
> future.

Tape a piece of paper to the wall. For each table or other object, write down which app it is used by (or both).

> How do I configure oracle to to support these requirements?
> For example, one instance or more?

From your description, there is no reason to use RAC, so the number of instances would be equal to the number of databases.

> One database or more?

If you have complete control of the apps, then one database is most likely the way to go, especially in the case that they do need to share data. However, if each app integrates with a different "black box" piece of software that you don't have much control over, and those black boxes are likely to inflexibly demand different upgrade paths with different versions of Oracle, then you probably want two databases.


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