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Re: How about an Oracle debate?

From: hrishy <>
Date: 8 Jun 2004 00:22:18 -0700
Message-ID: <>


Very well said Noon ..i must agree with you wholly..who cares who wins the intellectual debate .everybody has a personal life to cater too .

lets assume Howard loses maybe becoz of rich superior presentation skills does that make a difference to me perhpahs not i would still read what howard writes because of gift for writing in PLAIN english

what if richard foote (richard no offence meant) says dont rebuild indexes who cares man..if the IT manager is hell bent on me rebuilding indexes i dont mind being paid for the extra time i am junior guy and have a family to feed too..

if tomorrow Howard Decides to right about DB2 admin just becoz he got sick of oracle i would read about Db2 too coz it gives me chance to enhance my knoweledge..

bottomline debate doesnt really matter ..Techno funks dont run business REAL MANAGERS do who are paid by the company ..


Noons <> wrote in message news:<40c48c12$0$31679$>...
> Don Burleson allegedly said,on my timestamp of 7/06/2004 11:29 PM:
> > than 1% of Oracle professionals read this forum anymore, for reasons
> Disagree. People just love conflict, like you state below. :)
> > that are all-too evident. Let's get the message to a wider audience.
> What could be wider than the Usenet?
> >
> > - Team one: Richard Foote, Howard J. Rogers and Nuno Souto
> didn't you read my reply about leaving me out of your little wars?
> I don't like being "bunched up" with Oakies. Like I said: those
> organisations are not my cuppa tea even if I qualified for them.
> And you are completely wrong in assuming Howard, myself and
> Richard have some sort of a "running agreement" on anything
> technical. That may well not be the case.
> Remember: it's ALWAYS open to challenge, no matter who claims it.
> > for distribution worldwide. I'm thinking of a title like "The Great
> > Oracle Debate Clash of the Titans".
> The only one here with aspirations to theatrical "Oracle Titan" may
> well be you... :)
> > have all of the insults as these message threads. People just love
> > conflict, especially when it is passionate. Something like the Jerry
> > Springer show, for Oracle people . . .
> One of the reasons why I always refused to live in the USA
> (and there were plenty of offers) is the existence in that country
> of things like the Jerry Springer show.
> > It would be great fun, and educational too.
> Disagree. It would just be yet another loonie Jerry Springer show.
> > I'm sure that Ault and Niemiec will be on-board, so I await a response
> > for Nuno, Howard and Richard. . .
> Don, in case your "spies" have not told you (how could they: NO ONE has
> seen me talking in public in the last 10 years!), I have a family life wh
> ich
> I cherish ABOVE all else and will NOT trade for ANYTHING. Public life
> like you propose is incompatible with that and I don't engage in it for t
> he
> time being: this should now be bleeding OBVIOUS from my ABSENCE from ANY
> IOUG functions or meetings since about 1994.
> Having said that: I'm quite open to any debate here where statements can
> be
> re-verified, x-checked and openly discussed and proved for as long as
> needed. Or any other on-line forum, in written format. However it
> will have to wait until I'm done with the current project, EOM July.
> I'm afraid that HAS priority over ANYTHING else and I'm quite busy
> until then.
> One condition though: whatever the outcome if you ever come to Australia
> you are most welcome to front up for a drink and a chat. Like I said
> so many times, nothing personal. We have never even met.
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