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Re: Backup trends (2): HOT or COLD

From: JEDIDIAH <jedi_at_nomad.mishnet>
Date: 9 Apr 2004 14:24:07 -0400
Message-ID: <slrnc7dq9a.3b4.jedi@nomad.mishnet>

On 2004-04-03, Bob Jones <email_at_me.not> wrote:
> "Sybrand Bakker" <> wrote in message
>> On Fri, 2 Apr 2004 07:37:30 +0000 (UTC), Lucyna Witkowska
>> <> wrote:
>> >Sorry, I made a stupid version error and discussion "went to raspberry
>> >bushes" (as we say in Poland).
>> >So I try again. ;-)
>> >Oracle (version supported by the application developer).
>> >Is there any admin (, that rely only on RMAN warm
> backups?
>> >
>> >Greetings,
>> >Lucyna Witkowska
>> Sure, why not.
>> RMAN is much more stable than any home grown korn shell script.
>> For some time I'm trying to get the home grown scripts out of the
>> window. They are too inflexible and many of them require maintenance
>> when datafiles are added. RMAN doesn't need that.
>> --
>> Sybrand Bakker, Senior Oracle DBA
> I have to disagree. We have been using shell scripts to backup for years and
> never have any problem. They do not require maintenance if datafiles are
> added. I have never used RMAN. Does it backup files with OS copy, or Oracle
> special commands to backup only the data not the empty space in the data
> files? I would consider RMAN only if the later is true.

        One of my objections to RMAN is that it doesn't seem to support a simple & easy way to clone all of the database files in a manner similar to a shell script backup. The fact that RMAN essentially forces you to use a proprietary tar format offends my engineering sensibilities. What gets pased off the MML should be something that can be effectively manipulated (in a meaningful way) with any other Unix tool.

        If a particular instance of "korn shell backup tool" doesn't handle new files without "maintenance", that problem really only needs to be fixed once (and forever).

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