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Re: agent, clusters and failover

From: FM <>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 20:58:24 GMT
Message-ID: <Q50ac.150452$>

I was thinking to a sun/veritas cluster. However I'm interested in other types of cluster as RAC or MS cluster.

Another newbie question: can I use oracle enterprise manager 10g (grid control) to gather information from 9i and 8i intelligent agents?

10g agent takes lot of disk space and memory, I'm having trouble to install one on SUN systems and there isn't an AIX version... It would be easier to use some sort of back compatibility with older versions.


Holger Baer wrote:

> Howard J. Rogers wrote:

>> Are you talking about the Intelligent Agent?
>> Or something else??
>> If it's the Intelligent Agent, then of course you need one on every node,
>> otherwise you can't manage the cluster *as* a cluster, but merely as a
>> collection of separate instances. Enterprise Manager, for example,
>> uses GSD
>> on one node to talk to the other GSDs on the other nodes to perform, for
>> example, cluster-wide shutdowns or backups or exports. GSD pulls off that
>> trick by in turn talking to the Intelligent Agents on each node to handle
>> the actual scheduling of a job. No Intelligent Agent, no cluster-wide
>> scheduling.
>> Maybe I've misunderstood your question though.
>> For example, the question "should I bind the agent at the service or
>> at the
>> node" means nothing if we're talking about the Intelligent Agent,
>> since that
>> is intrinsically a "node process", running independently of whether or
>> not
>> the instances comprising your RAC are actually up or not.
>> Regards
>> HJR
> Wild stab out of curiosity: Could it be that we're talking MS Cluster here?
> In that case, put the Intelligent Agent into the cluster group with the 
> database,
> else you're gonna have a hard time with OEM. (Been there, done that...)
> Regards,
> Holger


Fabrizio Magni

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Received on Mon Mar 29 2004 - 14:58:24 CST

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