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Re: RAC alternatives: do you have suggestions? (HELP!)

From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 04:43:11 -0800
Message-ID: <1079268166.311970@yasure>

FM wrote:

> This RAC has to deal only with simple select and insert sql statements.
> They are in the form of:
> select column from table;
> the high workload is only in the number of connections and in disk I/O.
> However the system is a SUSE Linux Enterprise Edition 7 and the DB is a
> No oracle consultant was able to fix the bugs. The usual reply is "this
> is bug yyyy: please, apply the xxx patch" but recently we have
> terminated the available patches...
> In this moment my company is only seeking good alternatives.
> We gave up with RAC systems
> Fabrizio Magni
> replace mycontinent with europe
> Daniel Morgan wrote:

>> FM wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> after two years working with RAC (on linux) on a critical production 
>>> system the management decided to dismantle it due to too many 
>>> downtimes, bugs, crashes, hangs...
>>> Lately we experienced too much in a too short time.
>>> Now I'm looking for stable and really unbreakable HA alternatives 
>>> (active-passive clusters?).
>>> The selected platforms are:
>>> AIX + hacmp + oracle9i
>>> SOLARIS + veritas + oracle9i
>>> I'm open to alternatives but what I wish more are critics at those 
>>> two architectures. Which dangers? Have you experienced problems? 
>>> Every opinion is welcome.
>>> Thank you for any kind of help.
>> Most of the time ... the problem isn't RAC it is the code being run on
>> it. What version of Oracle, what Linux, and what was the app?
>> Thanks.

What was the point in trying RAC?

High availability?
Fail over?
Build-out rather than build-up to save money?

Without knowing the purpose a recommendation can not be made.

What versions of Linux and Oracle were you using in your attempt with RAC? Between the Solaris and AIX solutions ... I'd go with AIX. But I would be willing to bet I could make your current Linux RAC system as stable for a lot less money.

Daniel Morgan
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Received on Sun Mar 14 2004 - 06:43:11 CST

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