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Re: dumb question- can you backup only data from tables? DBA sez no

From: Mark <>
Date: 11 Mar 2004 12:58:25 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Sorry. I've heard this story too many times from application developer's like yourself. I'd like to hear your DBA's side before I made any judgment on what happened.

Mark Simmons
Sr. Oracle DBA
Sabre-Holdings, Southlake, TX (D) wrote in message news:<>...
> Long story short- I trusted our DBA to solve the problem and he threw
> up his hands:
> We have a client server app that connects to Oracle. For some reason
> we were getting more and more errors in the C/S app when connecting to
> data. No one here had the expertise to solve them, so we called in a
> consultant. Consultant resinstalled application and ran scripts which
> built the oracle 8i database. We took the export file of the original
> database, but every time our DBA imported it we got the same
> application errors. These were not oracle errors so I have no ORA
> numbers. We started again 3 times and each time during the import the
> data and our dba said- "the application is wrong, I give up."
> I created the instance one more time via the setup scripts. I
> painstakingly generated insert statements for all the data using TOAD
> and then ran those insert scripts into oracle via sqlplus. A real
> pain. Problem was solved in 2 hours and the C/S application works
> fine.
> It sounds to me like the export/import took information about the
> schema, users, roles, or in vague generalities- "data structure"
> outside of the data itself. When I imported just the data from the
> tables- no errors.
> I am no maintenance DBA, I design tables in oracle for use in
> applications. How could we have used our export file to just import
> the data and not other elements of the export file (users, schema,
> etc)? what did our DBA do wrong and what does it show about his
> skills or lack thereof? (I'm kind of pissed I had to take this over.)
> Thanks,
> Don
Received on Thu Mar 11 2004 - 14:58:25 CST

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