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Re: dumb question- can you backup only data from tables? DBA sez no

From: Bib Endum <>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 10:38:45 -0500
Message-ID: <gK%3c.42576$>

"D" <> a écrit dans le message de
> Long story short- I trusted our DBA to solve the problem and he threw
> up his hands:
> We have a client server app that connects to Oracle. For some reason
> we were getting more and more errors in the C/S app when connecting to
> data. No one here had the expertise to solve them, so we called in a
> consultant. Consultant resinstalled application and ran scripts which
> built the oracle 8i database. We took the export file of the original
> database, but every time our DBA imported it we got the same
> application errors. These were not oracle errors so I have no ORA
> numbers. We started again 3 times and each time during the import the
> data and our dba said- "the application is wrong, I give up."
> I created the instance one more time via the setup scripts. I
> painstakingly generated insert statements for all the data using TOAD
> and then ran those insert scripts into oracle via sqlplus. A real
> pain. Problem was solved in 2 hours and the C/S application works
> fine.
> It sounds to me like the export/import took information about the
> schema, users, roles, or in vague generalities- "data structure"
> outside of the data itself. When I imported just the data from the
> tables- no errors.
> I am no maintenance DBA, I design tables in oracle for use in
> applications. How could we have used our export file to just import
> the data and not other elements of the export file (users, schema,
> etc)? what did our DBA do wrong and what does it show about his
> skills or lack thereof? (I'm kind of pissed I had to take this over.)
> Thanks,

Yes it is possible to import just the data. That's probably what your DBA did.

In your case, it looks like your application probably has no referential integrity built in and the data is messed up in some way. Many 3rd party apps generated with stuff like uniface do not implement native referential integrity because they are portable accross databases. This generally lends to poor performing code, and to integrity problem.

I suspsect that is what you have. Received on Thu Mar 11 2004 - 09:38:45 CST

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