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Re: 2 arch and db processes

From: yls177 <>
Date: 8 Mar 2004 21:30:28 -0800
Message-ID: <>

"Howard J. Rogers" <> wrote in message news:<404c11c0$0$20658$>...
> "yls177" <> wrote in message
> > Brian Peasland <> wrote in message
> news:<>...
> > > > agreed. but now i wanted to know where to set the number of dbwr or
> > > > arch.. and there is no spfile whatever.
> > >
> > > You set this in your initialization file, SPFILE or INIT.ORA. Make sure
> > > that the INIT.ORA you are modifying is the one that the database is
> > > actually using.
> > >
> > > HTH,
> > > Brian
> >
> > i checked through initsid.ora and there are no pfile parameters. i was
> > thinking to do a sql select to confirm whether my oracle parameters
> > are from initsid.ora but couldnt find the necessary ones.
> To check whether you are using an spfile or an init.ora, run SQL*Plus,
> connect as SYS or SYSTEM and type:
> show parameter spfile
> If a value is displayed in the response, you are using an spfile. If the
> value is displayed blank, then you are using an init.ora.
> > but one
> > thing i am very certain is that i changed the value for
> > shared_pool_size for oracle error "ORA-04031: unable to allocate 9712
> > bytes of shared memory" for it to take effect.
> Well, how did you do that?
> Did you edit something, or did you just issue an 'alter system set
> shared_pool_size=X' command?
> > also, i have found out that this parameter determines the number of
> > db_writers i have "DB-WRITERS"
> Close, but not quite. It's DB_WRITER_PROCESSES. You're allowed up to 10 of
> them.
> >i did a grep but also couldnt find
> > files that contain this parameter. my undersatnding is that the
> > default is 1 so it wont be in initsid.ora
> You really need to get a grip on what file it is that sizes your instance
> and sets the number of processes when you start up. You can't do database
> administration without knowing this extremely basic fact.
> Find out if you're using an spfile or an init.ora. If it's an spfile, it
> will be in ORACLE_HOME/dbs or ORACLE_HOME\database. It will be called
> spfileXXX.ora, where XXX is your value for ORACLE_SID. If it's an init.ora,
> it will be in the same locations, and be called initXXX.ora. The files may
> have been moved, and they may have been renamed, but in that case there will
> be *something* left behind of the right name and in the right location
> pointing to where the effective file is really stored. For example, you may
> have an initXXX.ora, which contains the one line
> "IFILE=/somewhere/else/initODDNAME.ora". Or a one-line which reads
> "SPFILE=/somewhere/else/spfileODDNAME.ora". Or, if this is Linux/Unix, you
> may have symbolic links pointing to where the actual files are stored.
> But one way or another, you need to work out what your configuration file
> actually is, what it is actually called, and where it is actually stored.
> And when you've done that, you can start learning the actual parameter names
> for setting things such as multiple Archiver or Database Writer processes.
> Until you've done that, though, you're going to be just scrabbling around in
> the dark.
> Regards
> >
> > advise?

absolutely... thanks...

show parameter spfile gives empty result and so that confirms that i am using initsid.ora

and i changed my shared_pool_size in initsid.ora too before this posting.

so back to the question, i still cant any definitions of processes in my initsid.ora? i did a grep to get rid of all the comments but still cant find any process definitions except for this "processes=1000"

thanks Received on Mon Mar 08 2004 - 23:30:28 CST

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