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Re: Professional or Not (was Database Design)

From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 21:41:19 -0000
Message-ID: <3ffb2b7f$0$2768$>

"Galen Boyer" <> wrote in message
> On Tue, 6 Jan 2004, wrote:
> > This wouldn't set us up as self-important and arrogant, but
> > rather would help gain and give public assurance as to the
> > quality, integrity and performance of the profession. If I hire
> > a Chartered Accountant or Barrister in the UK I have a comfort
> > level as to what I will get. If I hire an MCSE or an OCP my
> > only comfort is that they have at least read some introductory
> > material to some specific software. It is worlds apart, and
> > until this changes i'm afraid that at least to me IT
> > Professional is a marketing term rather than a reflection of
> > reality.
> Well, that's all well and good, but are there any IT
> accreditations that hold water? The only one that seems to is
> the Microsoft accreditations (I'm not talking from facts here, I
> really don't know about accreditations). Are there any database
> accreditations that would make an interviewer already have a
> certain level of confidence? If not, how would people suggest
> that be formed?

There are some that go someway - being a member of the BCS for example in the uk ( might be one, but no that is really the point. Folk talk about being IT professionals but the 'profession' doesn't organize itself as a profession with common standards, self regulation, continuing professional education etc. Careers which I refer to as professions, doctor, accountant,architect etc do. Gaining a piece of paper that says I can competently operate Oracle JDeveloper 10g is not a professional qualification, any more than being able to operate sage sovereign makes me an accountant.

Niall Litchfield
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