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Re: create user and grant

From: Jason Baugher <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 15:14:33 GMT
Message-ID: <Xns925668315FFCCjasonbaugherpikeilus@>

"gulyas gabor" <> wrote in news:ahp0vu$497$

> Hi all,
> I am new to oracle, so I would like to ask a little help.
> I use oracle 8.1.7 on unix platform with SQLplus.
> There is a database called kurbie and if I use the 'sqlplus
> john/john_at_kurbie' command I can administrate some tables, views, etc.
> But if I use 'sqlplus bill/bill_at_kurbie' as command then different
> tables, views, etc. are available.
> I think that bill and john are different users, they use the same
> database, but they have different rights, so both of them can reach
> their own things, and the others are unavailable for them. Is it right
> ?
> So it is the present situation, and here is my question:
> I would like to use this kurbie database as mentioned above, but I
> need a third case to the existing two.
> with 'sqlplus ryan/ryan_at_kurbie' I want to see nothing from the data of
> john and bill, but I want to create ryan's data.
> If you know how to do this, please answer me. (Ithink I should create
> a new user and then grant rights, but I don't know how to do this
> exactly.)
> thanks a lot,
> Gabor

Users are created with zero rights. You have to explicitly assign rights before a new user can even connect to the database. So create the new user ryan, assign them a tablespace in which to create objects, give them a quota on the tablespace, give them rights to connect and create tables, etc... As long as you don't grant ryan specific rights to select on john and bill's tables, and you don't grant them "select any table", the ryan user will not be able to see john or bill's data.

All the docs are available on Technet ( Register a free account, and start reading.

Here's the 8i Administrator's Guide: _doc/server.817/a76956.pdf

I'd suggest spending the time to go over the whole thing, since you apparently don't know much about Oracle, but for this question, the stuff you need is Part 5, Database Security.

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