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Re: The demise of the Oracle professional?

From: Richard Foote <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 11:56:19 +1000
Message-ID: <deKZ8.38210$>

Hi Nick,

How times have changed. When I moved from cloudy Manchester to sunny Canberra, all I had to done was pass an "Aussie Suitability" Exam.

It consisted of a series of tests (unlike OCP, no multiple choice questions as such) which basically checked to see if I would fit into the Australian way of life. The tests were from memory:

  1. Drink (scull) six cans of Fosters beers and check for reaction. When I asked if there was anymore, passed criteria one.
  2. Watched highlights the 4th 1981 Test Australia vs. England. When I become physically ill at Bothan's century (although the above beer may have played a part) and kicked the TV set in when Willis bowled Australia out, passed criteria 2.
  3. Was given the following sentence to read "Hello, how are you. It appears to be a pleasant day although there might be a chance of showers in the afternoon" as a typical Australian would say it. I added in 14 mates, 4 sheilas, 8 beauts, 1 didgeridoo, 9 cobbers and too many expletives to list out. Passed criteria.
  4. Was asked to play a game of tennis, swim various races, play some cricket, league, union and about 20 other popular sports against a number of Englishmen. Won every time and so passed criteria.
  5. Was given a pile of fine sand and a pile of large, rough looking rocks. Was asked which of these would you rather lie on for the rest of your life when you next visit the coast. I picked the pile of sand so passed criteria.

After passing the medical (2 arms, 2 legs, yep you're fine) Canberra has been my home ever since.

How times have changed :)

"Nick" <> wrote in message
> Hi Norman,
> Whoa! Thanks for the heads up.
> Interesting though as Oracle is still listed on the MODL facts web
> page ( which was last updated 1st
> March 2002.
> I'm fairly fortunate as I'm tagging onto wifey's application. She is a
> highly qualified nursing manager which we are given to believe is in
> high demand. Plus we both have immediate family who could sponsor us.
> Personally I agree with Howard, get a good immigration consultant.
> They cost but they know what they're doing. Unfortunately her indoors
> doesn't want to pay. I'm not saying she wears the trousers but I've
> got a lovely little floral number on today!
> My brother used one two years ago and the consultant actually got his
> profession (aboriculturalist) added to list. I'll get you the name if
> you need one.
> I also believe that membership of the BCS would help.
> At the end of the day it probably won't matter as the work situation
> is not too hot at the moment and I'll be on the checkout at Coles.
> Best of luck.
> Nick
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