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Re: 9ias release 2 not recommended

From: Cristian Veronesi <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 16:09:57 +0200
Message-ID: <>

Mark D Powell wrote:

>>There is a price to be paid trying to put any release of any software into
>>production immediately. New releases are generally put on development and
>>testing boxes and not moved to production until proven stable. I might note
>>for you that Oracle Corp., itself, has yet to put Oracle 9i into production
>>with its own 11i applications.
>>Daniel Morgan

> There is no excuse for the release of software that contains bugs such
> that working code developed in accordance to the documentation breaks
> or fails to function as documented. If the software vendor releases
> the code then it should be free of major bugs. Anything less should
> be unacceptable to everyone involved with the product.

I completely agree, and I wish to add: was there *any* stable release in the complex history of Oracle Web/Internet Application Server? I made 3 installations of WAS 3.x and everytime it was a pain, even the very final release had some basic features that simply didn't work out of the box, you had to open two or three TARs and getting patches and workarounds from OSS. Now I'm running 9iAS and there are a lot of features that simply don't work, Portal installation just failed (but fortunately we don't need it) and I have a TAR opened just for giving Discoverer a try.
It seems to me that this product has some basic design problems, it's the 6th time that Oracle rebuild it from scratch and everytime the result is IMHO very poor, expecially if compared to great quality of the database server.

Just my 0.02 AltGr+E ;)
Cris Received on Thu Jul 11 2002 - 09:09:57 CDT

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