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Re: Announcement: Easily integrate Crystal Reports with Remedy with UFLTimeZone for Crystal Reports

From: Joel Garry <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 06:19:33 GMT
Message-ID: <>

On Tue, 18 Jun 2002 12:42:22 -0400, R Chin <> wrote:
>Care to explain what the heck Remedy is ???

Peregrine systems bought Remedy not long ago for big bucks. It is a system for Help Desks. They are now spinning it off into a separate company because Peregrine has been discovered to have been illegally booking revenue, doing such things as swapping software with another company, purposefully booking the sales of each on different dates so they can claim it as revenue, increasing the sales volume to drive the stock price up, while insiders dump the stocks. Similar to the pre-booking Larry was caught doing a dozen years ago, except now we are in an Accounting Scare, so more severe punishment for the same things may be ordered.

I don't know about the more modern Remedy, but on an older version I was ocassionally dragged into DBA work because it would self-immolate its password file. I definitely had the impression it was written for other databases and poorly ported to Oracle. The AR daemon would also sometimes ignore requests to stop before the cron would start a backup <sigh>, but not ignore the post-backup request to start another daemon, screwing itself unpredictably. Or something like that. Only being dragged into it went it broke make it hard to tell.

>Craig Buchanan wrote in message ...
>>For Immediate Release
>>Monday, June 17, 2002 - Cogniza is proud to announce the release of
>>UFLTimeZone for Crystal Reports. UFLTimeZone for Crystal Reports provides
>>date and time zone conversion functions that gives new options when using
>>Crystal Reports with Remedy's Action Request (AR) System. To understand
>>value of this new product, some background on Remedy is appropriate.
>>Remedy AR System, from Peregrine Systems, stores dates in 'Epoch date'
>>format. An Epoch date is the number of elapsed seconds since January 1,
>>1970 at Midnight Greenwich Mean Time. To provide a more
>>human-understandable value, the Remedy ODBC driver converts this value to
>>the familiar date and time format, using the user's regional settings,
>>including time zone and seasonal adjustments (e.g. Daylight Savings).
>>One of the challenges for developers, however, when working with Remedy's
>>System is the one-table-per-query restriction imposed by the Remedy ODBC
>>driver. When working with Crystal Reports and Remedy, this restriction
>>prevents more that one table or view from being used in a report.
>>To address this issue when using Crystal Reports within the Remedy client,
>>developers use sub-reports or request that the Remedy System Administrator
>>creating a join table in the Remedy database. These solutions, while
>>addressing the immediate need, lead to decreased database and report
>>performance, increased report development time and increased demands on the
>>Remedy System Administrator's time. Fortunately, there is another solution
>>to these challenges!
>>UFLTimeZone for Crystal Reports provides the same Epoch date and time zone
>>conversion functions as the Remedy ODBC driver, but without the
>>restrictions. By using UFLTimeZone for Crystal Reports in conjunction with
>>a non-restrictive database driver, one can:
>>* Use the latest version of Crystal Reports
>>* Run reports externally from the Remedy client
>>UFLTimeZone for Crystal Reports will increase productivity and lower costs
>>* Making developers more productive
>>* Decreasing report development time
>>* Decreasing the demands on the Remedy System Administrator's time
>>To download a 30-day-trial version of UFLTimeZone for Crystal Reports,
>>Coming soon, UFLTimeZone for Crystal Enterprise!
>>About Cogniza
>>Founded in 1996, Cogniza is a US company, headquartered in Minneapolis,
>>Minnesota. We focus on providing consulting and software solutions to the
>>IT Systems and Service Management community. Our solutions include ITSM
>>consulting, business-intelligence-application integration and
>>components. For more information, visit


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