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Re: Start MS-excel from oracle on clientPC

From: Telemachus <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 16:10:21 +0100
Message-ID: <yXhW8.649$>

Richard has a point.

 I meet enough idiots in the consultancy life, just like most people here. But do I tell them in those tones ?

No, because I want to keep getting paid for consulting. If they need a major attitude adjustment, I'm on the outside looking in and all I can do is tell them in the nicest way possible and IMHO the best way is making them believe it was their idea all along.

In addition I would recommend some Mozart and nice whiskey, but everyone to their own.

Personally I found this NG easier when you realize you don't have to respond to every thread.

"Richard Foote" <> wrote in message news:4dbW8.30354$
> Hi Sybrand,
> Welcome to the Richard Foote psychiatrist couch. Please sit down.
> You have a deep felt anger inside you don't you. In the last week or so
> have servery p****d off quite a number of people and the nation of Germany
> is still determining whether the loss of the world cup or your recent
> was the worse national disaster.
> Can I suggest the following. Don't even look at this NG for the rest of
> week. You desperately need a break and a visit to those beautiful canals
> yours is in order. Drink plenty of herbal tea, relax and listen to as much
> Pink Floyd music (are you there Norman) as you can.
> Focus on being positive and nice to people because being abusive is
> unprofessional, unwarranted and worst of all, can be very hurtful and
> upsetting. It's just not nice.
> Then, come back, smile and think, gee they've got bugger all idea and
> I can make a positive contribution by pointing them on the path to
> enlightenment.
> No charge :)
> Richard
> "Sybrand Bakker" <> wrote in message
> > On 7 Jul 2002 09:31:05 -0700, (Rauf Sarwar)
> > wrote:
> >
> > >. *BUT* to say that *Anything* other then one solution is
> > >*Disastrous* shouts *Shortsightedness* and not thinking
> > >*out-of-the-box*.
> >
> > Evidently you are a champion in designing crappy systems. I have
> > *survived* systems to designed by the like of you often enough.
> > Your championship in designing systems that hang together from
> > immature solutions, where just 'somewhere' 'something' can and *will*
> > go wrong, and will also result in 'applications' which are
> > *completely* unscalable doesn't entitle you to accuse me of
> > shortsightedness. I have more than enough experience with so-called
> > out-of-the box solutions. THEY DON'T WORK!!!!
> > I have more than enough experiences in maintaining systems designed by
> > morons like you, and I *KNOW* from *EXPERIENCE*
> > they will *NEVER WORK* and require PERMANENT OVERTIME by DBAs!!!!!!!!
> > Please go back to your toys and stop flaming me.
> >
> >
> >
> > Sybrand Bakker, Senior Oracle DBA
> >
> > To reply remove -verwijderdit from my e-mail address
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