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Re: 9ias release 2 not recommended

From: sg <>
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2002 21:46:21 +0200
Message-ID: <>

I am going to tell another iAS problem, in my last installation (this Thursday) I faced this new problem, when install Application Server Node (with BI/Forms since with this installation type Portal is included) the HTTP/HTTPS port for HTTP Server/Webcache is assigned randomly by the installer, guess what the installer assigned 7777 for both HTTP/HTTPS for HTTP and Webcache. Result? A ruined installation since HTTP Server and Webcache can NOT listen to the same port. Solution? Modify listen port (both http and https/SSL). Caveats? Look Chapter 7 9iAS Release 2 Administrator guide, to modify a port number you affect these:

  1. Webcache
  2. Oracle Internet Dirctory
  3. Oracle Single Sign-On Server
  4. Oracle Wireless
  5. Oracle iAS Portal
  6. Oracle Enterprise Manager Console
  7. Oracle Report Services
  8. Oracle Discoverer
  9. Oracle iAS Clickstream intelligence
  10. Oracle iAS OC4J

Since this is a chain reaction, if you modify Webcache port you have to:

  1. Modify Wireless
  2. Oracle Portal
  3. Oracle Report Services

If you modify SSO, there is another list of thing to do, so OID. This is why I said just by moving a string (in this case a port modification) everything falls (the whole installation!)

All these just to fix an error (which is a port modification) done by the installer, may I ask is it worth modifying all these risking a unusable installation or a reinstallation would be a feasible way?

I have gone over this because I had an installation without DNS Server which forced me to modify hostname in both nodes and the result were a 80% working installation, 20% broken links, a almost 3 weeks opened TAR to get 4 responses (useless except the last one by the way), the last one is this is a bug you cannot modify the hostname.

Finally although we have an option of using a custom database for Portal during installation this component is installed and configured by the installer automatically in infrastructure node....

Just to change a password you have to go several steps too! I dont mind doing the steps the problem is when just one step goes wrong you have to start over again. Too much time consuming just to carry out simple maintenace for example. (Imagine I have to change Portal or ORASSO database user password every week/month due to security reasons?)

And by the way I have never managed to stop all the processes from Enterprise Manager Console. Had to do it from linux/unix prompt all the time if I wanted to stop all oracle processes.

This is just a warn for those who wants to use IAS, true it seems a good product, everything integrated and such such. So much that just by modifying any tiny thing you are forced to modify other components

Sander wrote:

> sg <> wrote in

>>I would suggest you do some reasearch before coming with
>>statements. And may I ask you have you tried to install iAS?

> Multiple times, currently have an infrastructure running on one box
> (Red Hat AS 2.1) and a Portal/Wireless install on another (SLES7). I
> will install BI/Forms on Solaris next week.
> I don't think you can tell me not to have done some research, but when
> you mention problems I'd like to see bug numbers so I can check them
> and see if there's being worked on. Warning people not to use it is
> something else than telling people the caveats when they start working
> with it.
> Sander
Received on Sun Jul 07 2002 - 14:46:21 CDT

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