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Re: Multiple instances on Oracle 8i and NT 2000 Server

From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2002 16:09:31 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Henk Hultink wrote:

> Is there anyone who knows of a problem with this combination?
> I had a server Win 2000 NT Server, with an Oracle 8i database up and
> running.
> I created a second instance and a database, took all the necessary steps,
> and brought it up and running. So far so good. Everything seemed to be fine.
> Then I had to bring the instance down, which I did in Server Manager, and
> then it refused to mount and open again. No errors, it just didn't respond.
> I tried to stop and restart the service, even reboot the server: nothing
> worked. I could find no problems in LISTENER.ORA, TNSNAMES.ORA, SQLNET.ORA
> or INIT.ORA.
> The Event Logger of NT only showed a warning that the service didn't start,
> but without specification.
> In fact, I even deleted the database and the instance and created it again
> from scratch: same problem.
> On another server there have been problems with some sort of automatic
> timeout. I connect remote to the database, but after some time of inactivity
> the connection is lost. This causes an Internet application (that works with
> ODBC) to fail. Even on the server that holds the Internet server and the
> database I cannot start the Internet application. Except when I reboot the
> server: then everything works fine for a short time.
> What could be the possible causes for these problems? Any suggestions are
> welcome.
> TIA, Henk Hultink
> --
> H. Hultink
> Software Engineer
> Stoas, Division OBOI
> Wageningen, The Netherlands
> "Activating Knowledge"
> e-mail:

I would check the environment variables and see if the values are what you think they are.

Daniel Morgan Received on Thu Jul 04 2002 - 11:09:31 CDT

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