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Re: using oracle enterprise manager console

From: Howard J. Rogers <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2002 13:58:45 +1000
Message-ID: <ag0h7u$qpb$>

"Lao Gao" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I use SYSMAN/OEM_TEMP to login OEM(Oracle Enterprise Maneger) and I got a
> message which said unanble to connect to the Oracle Management Server and
> check the status of management server.
> I checked windows service manager of windows 2000 server. I found OMS is
> started and it can not be started from service manager too. Do you know
> what reason? How to fix it?

Have you configured it? The usual reason for this, as a search through the Google archives will reveal, since people keep making exactly the same mistake time and time again, is that you have neglected to actually create the Management Server repository.

That's a fancy name for a bunch of tables stored inside a database somewhere. It's these tables that the OMS service interacts with to do its stuff. If you haven't create a database to hold the tables, or the tables themselves, then the service won't be able to start.

I'm afraid I don't know what version you are using (since you didn't include that nugget of information -please ALWAYS do so in future), but in 9i R2, the relevant command to create a repository is Start - Programs - Oracle <home> - Configuration and Migration Tools - Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant. If you let it, this tool will create a new database from scratch, and then proceed to create the needed repository tables. If you already have a database that can act as a suitable home for the repository, then you can simply direct it to use that. You could use the Database Configuration Assitant to create a new one manually, also.

Whilst it is possible to put the repository inside the database you are hoping to manage with the Console, it is not a good idea: you won't be able to use the Console to do startups and shutdowns if you do that.

Incidentally, 9i permits you to run the Console without a repository at all, and no need for a Management Server, either. But that's a uniquely 9i thing, and also means quite a bit of Console functionality is lost.

> By the way I heard that Oracle 8i can not be installed on Pentium 4
> is this true?

No. It installs fine, once you've sorted out one or two of the file names involved. Until you've done that, though, it is true that the installer won't even start.

>what files I have to change if I copy all file to harddisk to
> install?

OK, here's a tip for a newbie. And I'm being serious. You *cannot* be a DBA unless you can work out how to navigate to the Google.Com website, and search the Usenet archives, specifying this group. Whilst you're at it, specify words like "Pentium 4" and "8i". Google is an *enormous* repository of incredibly useful information. You must get used to using it.

> Thank you very much.
> Liping Gao
Received on Wed Jul 03 2002 - 22:58:45 CDT

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