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Question on asynchronous data propagation from a local to the central oracle database

From: Bhooshan Prabhu <>
Date: 2 Jul 2002 01:53:27 -0700
Message-ID: <>


I am in the process of evaluating various methods for propagating data from a local Oracle database to a central Oracle database. Oracle version is yet undecided but it would either be Oracle 8.1.7 (I know it gets desupported by December 2003) or Oracle 9i on Solaris m/c.

The local database that I refer to, would be a database located in offices located at geographical locations that offer poor infrastructure and network bandwidths. The number of local databases could be up to 150-200.

The central database shall be 1 and shall be used by users from offices that are in developed countries that offer good network bandwidths. Thus, both the central as well as the local database can be in use by different set of users at the same time.

The users would be accessing both these databases over web based applications.

The requirement is that the data that gets added / modified / deleted at the local database site should be propagated to the central database but, in an asynchronous mode.

I have read about data replication methods provided by Oracle. I've the following queries.
1. Would it be possible to replicate data off a table from a local database to

   the central database while the table at the central database itself might be

   getting its own data from users? i.e. Table A is being inserted into in the

   local database at site A. Oracle replication shall try and propagate the

   insert to central site C. At that moment, a user B might be inserting data

   in the table A at central site as well. Would replication work when the table

   at the master site would also be active? I guess yes but, need confirmation

   from some one..

2. The data from the local database needs to be available at the central site

   in near real-time but, not real-time. I gather that the jobs to replicate

   data from the local to the central database shall get executed at a certain

   frequency. Can this frequency be set to 1 minute? Is anyone aware of any

   repercussions if the frequency is kept so low?

3. I can also think of Oracle advanced queues as another Oracle technology

   offering that could prove useful to carry out the data propagation from the

   local to the central site. How reliable is Oracle AQ in terms of stability,

   robustness and maintainability?

4. The application shall be developed using Java and shall get deployed at both

   the central as well as the local sites either using a Web server or Apps

   server. EJB 2.0 specifications do specify message driven beans. I feel that

   the data propagation can also be carried out using JMS and the message

   driven beans. Any feedback on this thought?

Bhooshan Received on Tue Jul 02 2002 - 03:53:27 CDT

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