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From: Thomas Poenicke <>
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 15:26:21 +0100
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> Thank you. Since I could not integrate SQL eclipse, I use SQL
> Developer that comes with Oracle software package.
> I was Oracle developer years ago, unfortunately, I lost my job and the
> new job did not require Oracle skill. For years,
> I did not touch Oracle. As now, My pace is behind and I am trying to
> get back my feet. It seems that this web site has very low interactive
> asking and answering activities. Do you know other web site that I can
> post my questions?

Well, I don't know, what you expect as high activity. ;) For instant answers you'll need an oracle developer chat or something. I think, this newsgroup and the otn forums are ok.

If you have some experience with oracle, the docs might be enough to refresh your skills and get in touch with the new abilities of 10g and 11g.

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