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From: N.M. <>
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 10:02:51 +0100
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> N.M. schreef:
>> Hello!
>> My client told me that one Oracle form behaves strangly.
>> We (as programmers) use Oracle Forms ver 6 with all patches released and
>> installed.
>> Our client has Oracle 9 version.
>> The problems looks like this:
>> While clicking on "Confirm button" located on the form, it runs database
>> packages functions which update and insert data into database tables.
>> After it, there is forms_ddl('commit') run and now it gives strange
>> errors.
>> While running this form localy and clicking "Confirm button" (it means
>> the oracle forms` files ale located on the net disk and Oracle
>> application runs by local user/computer) everything works perfectly and
>> there is no strange errors/messages on the screen.
>> While running this Oracle application form using remote desktop window
>> and clicking "Confirm button" there is a error message "FRM-40401: No
>> changes to save". This errors generates many times because strored
>> procedures` functions run inside the loop.
>> My client told me that this error (such error message) is generated only
>> when he runs the application form via remote desktop.
>> Do you have any idea what can be wrong?
>> Thank you in advance
>> netman
> I guess you are using client server forms, right?
> I vaguely remember that with forms (Client Server) you need access to the
> root directory of c:\. You may not have access on your remote desktop
> session.
> Shakespeare

I think that I have the answer on my problem.

There are 3 buttons on the form. There is "commit;" command use inside one of the form buttons
(only one). The other buttons have "forms_ddl('commit');" use. The problem with this error
message display occurs only while using the button which have "commit;" command
only if the form is running via remote desktop. When the user runs the Oracle application
localy or via net drive, this error message doesn`t occur. Inside the "commit;" command use button, there are no form changes made, there is only
one INSERT INTO table statement query before "commit;" command use. I am not sure that this INSERT INTO table statement is committed/saved into the databes
when the "commit;" command is used, instead of forms_ddl('commit'); use which will save
(into the database) the INSERT INTO statement for 100% sure.

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