Re: Blobs vs Bfile in 10g. Pros and Cons?

From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 2009 23:13:19 +0100
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Rich schreef:
> On Nov 8, 2:40 pm, Shakespeare <> wrote:
>> Rich schreef:
>>> Our department is uses 10g.
>>> We will be loading PDF files and/or pictures into our database.
>>> What are the pros and cons verses Bfile and Blobs. What has been your
>>> experience?
>>> Regards
>> LOBS reside inside your database, and thus are included in your backup,
>> securtity etc. Uploading will take some time.
>> BFiles are pointers to objects outside your database, and will not be
>> backed up with regular database backups. But on the other hand, are
>> easier to read/write woth tools outside the database.
>> It all depends on your business requirements...
>> Shakespeare

> Thanks for the reply.
> I read that LOB's can store 4GB of data. Is that a grand total for the
> database? Or is that per record? For example, if I have 10 records in
> the database does that mean that I can have 40GB of data in the BLOB?

It's per LOB. But LOB's can be up to 128Tb since 10g. See But only with the OCI interface.

See also

but that article is full of errors and looks like it's written in a hurry.

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