Re: dbms_lock

From: <>
Date: 21 Aug 2009 00:52:44 GMT
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Mark D Powell <> wrote:
> I do not see any issue with a session holding the UL for as long as
> the instance is running even if it is months. Oracle does the same
> with file recovery locks.

This is perfect. I have an active/standby server pair running behind a load-balancer. It's important that only the active is processing messages, since there is some program state involved.

Now I can

  • open the DB connection
  • grab the lock
  • start the service

and the database locking takes care of the exclusive active/standby portion, and the load-balancing switch takes care of routing the traffic to the box that has the service running.

I am very pleased, I used to do this kind of coding for telecom apps and it was a lot of work to get it running and debugged!

Thanks again!!

Mark Harrison
Pixar Animation Studios
Received on Thu Aug 20 2009 - 19:52:44 CDT

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