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Date: 08 Aug 2009 10:53:20 GMT
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I have a server program that should run in active/standby mode:
  • a copy of the program is running on two different computers
  • only one copy should be active
  • if the active copy exits, fails, etc, the standby should take over and become the active
  • when the original active resumes, it is now the standby

Using a dbms_lock makes this quite simple, put this code at the top of the program:

    dbms_lock.allocate_unique('myserver', v_lockhandle);     v_result := dbms_lock.request(v_lockhandle, dbms_lock.x_mode);

  1. Is there any problem with holding a lock for a long time? The active may stay active for months on end.
  2. If there is a problem with holding a lock for a long time, what is a "reasonable" time to keep a lock open?
  3. The most common way this lock will be released is for the process or the computer to die. Are there any problems related to this?

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