Any tips for an Oracle Newbie?

From: jj <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 05:26:48 GMT
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Hello All,

Well I'm cracking the books and learning about Oracle. I'm figuring I'll start on the admin side and see how it goes. I'm more into structures and workflow than UI/Usability. Are there any areas of the Oracle universe that are particularly hot/in demand now?

I've joined the OTN and downloaded 10g, 11g (32 bit Win), example files and a bunch of docs. I've started the tutorials and also am reading the various OTN forums. There's quite a few oceans of material. Any suggestions on what items/area are "must" read?

Any suggestions on other info resources for the aspiring newbie?

Also any suggested Oracle job websites? (I know about ? ? ?


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