STRAIT-LINE 6041100CD Laser Level LL30

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Date: Friday, 22 May 09 10:07:37 GMT
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This is just the thing for journaling in your scrapbook, or making straight lines for any writing. It saves us scrapbookers time in not drawing lines with a pencil and later erasing them, or not having to emboss lines with a ruler, which stay forever. This is a great example of thinking outside the box! While having a laser level is an outstanding idea for any job, this is not the product to choose. There are two major problems with this product: (1) The level does NOT stick to the wall very effectively, and getting it stuck to the wall initially can at times mess up the location that you want to project the laser line at. (2) The laser level itself is not very usable. The laser has issues with level tilt and orientation. Also, if the level is not stuck to the wall 100%, the laser will invariably move. My wife bought this for me as a present last year, and I just didn't have a chance to use it until recently. We used it to hang a few dozen photographs and captions on a gallery wall, and it performed well. Though I was dubious that the sticky, double sided strips that came with the level would be effective, they held the thing on the wall all day and left no damage despite frequent application and removal. I have now used it on a vinyl wallpaper surface and on painted drywall, with equally good results. One thing to note - when they say this model only projects a beam for 15', they aren't kidding. The beam is also not as bright as I would have liked it to be, but hey - when a tool this useful costs under $20... The first time I put it up on the wall it didn't stick well enough and plummeted down to the floor. Second time around, I pressed it a little harder on the wall and it stuck. Unfortunately, when I was finished, it took a nice big chunk of paint off with it. The claim that 3M Command Strips (included) leave surfaces unscathed when removed, didnt work for me. Not on plaster board. It was attached for only 10 min and when removed, it took a piece of the paint and board with it. Not recommended. Light weight and compact for easy storage. Designed for a work area of up to 30 feet for precision leveling. Rotates 360 degrees for optimal versatility and less setup. Dual bubble vials for accurate horizontal and vertical layout. Mounts to any surface w ith no damage for less touch up work. Use for hanging cabinets or heavy shelving, leveling trim work, ceilings & Flooring & picture arrangements.

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