Knipex 8605180 7-Inch Pliers Wrench - Comfort Grip

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Date: Friday, 22 May 09 9:34:50 GMT
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I've owned this pair of pliers for a number of years and find it absolutely indispensable. It opens to 1-3/8" and will also handle a tiny nut or bolt. Very strong and firm grip, far better (and more compact) than an adjustable wrench. When I get called to fix something in the house, the three tools that always go with me are this tool, the Knipex 7" Cobra pliers (another superb tool you should have), and a Snap-On removable blade screwdriver set I bought 30+ years ago. Even though I'm an admitted tool-a-holic, these three tools would be instantly replaced if I ever lost them. Knipex makes some of the best tools I've seen. Go out on the web and download their catalog to see the variety of things they make. This set of pliers will far outlast you. Have you ever tried to use a regular adjustable wrench? You know - the kind with the little swirl under the jaws you try and try to rotate to get a good grip on a bolt - only to have the jaws loosen up just as you try to turn the bolt or nut? Or maybe try to use one on a bolt with rounded corners - only to discover that the tips of the adjustable wrench are not stable - and it slips and finishes rounding off what little bit of shape was left on the bolt head? Well - HERE IS THE ANSWER! These Knipex Plier Wrenches are the best thing since sliced bread, if you need an adjustable wrench THAT WORKS. They are GREAT! I have several of these in my personal tool box, and I absolutely LOVE THEM! If you need an adjustable wrench - GIVE A SET OF THESE A TRY. You will fall in love with them and wonder how you got along without them for so long! This tool gets 5 stars - only because I can not give it 6! EXCELLENT!

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