Re: ORA-27369: job of type EXECUTABLE failed with exit code: Permission denied

From: joel garry <>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 11:35:57 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

On Dec 14, 8:41 pm, just_real <> wrote:
> Hi
> I was trying to set up a test job in Enterprise manager and I got this
> error when it tried running the script.
> I've created the script on a RAC cluster . It contains the following:
> #!/bin/ksh
> . /oracle/.kshrc
> env >> /tmp/t.txt
> which sqlplus >> /tmp/t.txt
> sqlplus scott/abc_at_ORACLE123<<-!
> set serveroutput on size 1000000
> select 'Hello World' from dual
> /
> !
> I've ran this successfully via the command line. Could someone advise
> as to what I am missing or did wrong?
> I had a look at metalink and check the points given there but I seem
> to have them covered.
> Regards
> Justin

David's answer is part of the way there. So I'll explicitly ask: Did you see metalink Note:391820.1 ? Does $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/ externaljob.ora exist?
Is your oracle executable -rwsr-s--x 1 oracle oinstall ? (Those s's mean run as the user, which is probably nobody as that note says - if you have different protection, you had an installation/ patching problem).
Which exact platform/OS/OS version are you on? Which exact version of Oracle are you on, including 4 decimals. Have you applied any critical patch updates? Note:735219.1 says you have to change the permissions on the extjob executable.

Note:732963.1 points out the script must exist on all nodes of the cluster with the proper permissions.

Are you sure the #!/bin/ksh is on the _first_ line of the script? Are you sure there is a space after the period on the line . / oracle/.kshrc?
Are all the /tmp/t.txt environment variables what you expect? Are all the .kshrc environment variables exported?

Please remember to be specific as to which docs you've actually followed. The 'puter takes things even more literal than the people on this group.


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