Re: owa_cookie and owa_custom interaction

From: Jeremy <>
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 12:56:50 -0000
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In article <gevodu$c0p$>, says...>
> DB:
> App Server:
> OS (both): Windows 2003
> Architecture:
> The App Server publishes stored procedures in the DB as webpages to a
> user's web browser (via a mod_plsql/dads.conf configuration).
> Problem:
> owa_cookie is being used in the DB to create cookies on the client
> whenever a user logs into the website. It seems that the GMT offset of
> the passed-in expiry date/time to owa_cookie.send factors in to what it
> actually sets the cookie's expiration to be based on one of two
> constants (dbms_server_timezone or dbms_server_gmtdiff), which are
> defined in the package sys.owa_custom. These constants in this package
> and the owa_cookie code that use them seem to have no concept of the
> daylight savings time-related time changes. This of course causes
> problems when, say, dbms_server_timezone is set to EDT/GMT-4, then the
> late-year time change happens (EST/GMT-5), the expiry is passed in as
> 15min after the cookie's creation, and the cookies start being created
> with an expiry of 45min BEFORE the time when the cookie was created.
> Note: Both servers (DB and App) and the clients we were testing with all
> had the time set properly when the time-change happened, and this is
> still happening. "select systimestamp from dual;" returns the expected
> and proper time based on the recent time change.
> Documentation on this package seems very, very sparse online. Tahiti
> only has one page that mentions these two constants (first link), and
> even then, it doesn't say much about them or how they work. The second
> link (yes, non-oracle, but gives a little more info) seems to imply
> there's nothing I can do to get owa_cookie to do the expiry dates
> properly:
> Here's the relevant cookie-creating code:
> AS
> -- the offset is 15min
> v_expiry TIMESTAMP := SYSTIMESTAMP + (PKG_Constants.Session_Timeout/1440);
> owa_cookie.send('sessionid', RawToHex(session_id), v_expiry);
> [...]
> I want a way to have owa_cookie automatically use the correct date/time
> despite the two time changes per year. Would prefer not to use a
> work-around, but may have to resort to that if there's simply no way to
> do it.
> Am considering:
> 1) v_expiry := SYSTIMESTAMP + (PKG_Constants.Session_Timeout/1440) +
> (adds 1 hour if the DST puts us in EST, adds 0 hours if EDT)
> 2) removing "constant" from "dbms_server_timezone"s delcaration in the
> owa_custom package and resetting it twice a year (via dbms_scheduler),
> if that will not harm anything and actually work at all. Don't know the
> impacts of this one, though.
> 3) setting up a dbms_scheduler job to recreate the package header twice
> a year for the time change. (would prefer not to have to do this)
> 4) any other suggestions? Would prefer a solution that does not involve
> dbms_scheduler.


On reading this I recalled some problems we had where IIRC the expiration date we told owa_cookie to use was simply ignored.

So we ended up setting the cookies in a much simpler way:

  owa_util.mime_header('text/html', FALSE);   htp.p('Set-Cookie: '||'sessionid='||l_id||'; expires=Mon, 01-Jan-1990 08:00:00 GMT; path=/ ');

i.e. you don't have to use owa_cookie - it does no magic

I hope this is helpful to you.

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