Re: Inserting rows in SQL Developer

From: Jim Smith <>
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2008 09:35:15 +0100
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In message <g9mdvc$4uf$>, Álvaro G. Vicario <> writes
>When I insert some new rows in SQL Developer's data grid (or I edit
>existing fields), there doesn't seem to be any way of submitting
>changes except doing a COMMIT.
>Is is possible to edit data as you do in TOAD with the autocommit
>option disabled? That is:
>1. Edit data in the grid
>2. Play with it, possibly writing queries in other windows
>3. When done, COMMIT or ROLLBACK
>I couldn't find anything relevant in the help browser.
>(There's a SQL Developer forum in Oracle site but it seems to be down
>most of the time.)

Assuming you have the latest version, there is a 'Post edits on row change' option which might do what you want. Tools|Preferences |Database|ObjectViewer Parameters.

Jim Smith
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