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Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 08:56:40 -0700 (PDT)
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On Aug 3, 7:02 pm, David Gempton <davidg_at_ttc4it_dot_co_dot_nz> wrote:
> Can anyone suggest a way of Replicating a group of tables from one
> database out to another under these conditions:
> + Source database is version
> + Destination database is version is 10.2
> + Tables contain Longs
> + Tables do not have primary keys
> + Changes need to be applied to destination tables asap after the commit.
> I've looked at Data Guard, Streams, & Snapshots,  non of which fits the
> requirement.
> Unfortunately upgrading the Source database is not an option for us due
> to the application being used.
> Currently we are using a software solution that I specifically wrote to
> perform the task.  But it has been suggested that there are better
> Oracle solutions.  I am interested in using one of these if possible.
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> Kind regards
> David Gempton - IT Consultant

The better solutions start with the advent of Oracle 9i and progress onwards through the newer releases; since you're stuck at for the source side you're then stuck with the homegrown 'solution' currently in place as is the last bastion of Oracle Parallel Server (the precursor to RAC, and unfortunately incompatible with it) and you have no access to Data Guard or Streams. You do have access to Standby Server, but I believe that is not compatible with Data Guard.

I believe you have the best you can get given the Oracle release ( you're using.

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